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Dr. Rob's ISTE Schedule in San Antonio Tuesday June 27........10 AM Rm 225CD Leading for the Future: Harness Innovation, Embrace Change and Transform Learning............ 2:45 PM Rm 301 BC Technology Tips, Tricks and Hacks from ISTE Authors............. 4:45 PM 302 BC Relevance in the Revolutionized School     Dr. Rob's New Book, The Future Ready Challenge, can now be purchased in the shop.    Dr. Rob will be presenting at AMLE Conference in Philadelphia, PA Nov 6-8 2017    Read an interview with Dr. Rob in THE Journal by clicking here.

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Dr. L. Robert Furman is an educator, leader, scholar, speaker and author; but most notably, Dr. Rob is a true champion for education in the 21st century. Beyond speaking at venues across the country, Dr. Rob is also a contributing Educational blogger for The Huffington Post as well as Ed Tech Review. He has received numerous prestigious awards, such as being named in the National School Board Association’s 20 To Watch in technology education and an ISTE Best Selling Author.

Dr. Rob delivers keynote presentations, plenary lectures, break-out strategy sessions, workshops, panel discussions and more, custom tailored for groups of all interests and sizes.


“Inspiring the passions of today’s educators and students by encouraging progressive thought and innovative approaches to learning, leadership and parental involvement to develop thriving, empowered, future-ready scholars”


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