21st Century Parent: Take Back the Power

“You call your two-year-old to come here, he says no. If I can’t control that, I might as well hang it up. You call him; he says no, you go get him. That’s YES.” Bill Cosby

Parenting has changed so much over the years. It has gone from a benevolent dictatorship “what the parent says goes. Period, end of discussion.” Now it is, “let’s get the child’s opinion before we make this major life altering decision”. I am not condoning either parenting style. However, as a person who is continually working with parents and children I can tell you that it is time for the parents to regain the power. Parents, it is time to remember what the position of being a parent means. There are 10 core standards for parents that every parent should review. 21st-Century-Parenting-Magazine

1 Make education a priority over extra­ curricular activities. There is a very slim chance your child is not going to be the next sports star

2 Help your children with their homework. If it is too hard for you, find someone who can help.

3 Create ”Teachable Moments” for your children.

4 Support your child’s teachers. If you disagree with them, discuss it privately away from your children.

5 Require your children to be better than you were at their age.

6 Do not live vicariously through your children.

7 Be their parent first, friend second.

8 Do what YOU know is best for your child, not what the child thinks is best.

9 Get involved in your child’s education at school.

10 Your children must come first over anything else in your life. They are your priority.

Parenting in the 21st century is harder than ever. Parents must not only watch the physical world but now they have the cyber world to deal with as well. We must remind ourselves that we are responsible for this life we brought into the world. If they fail, we have failed. You must be a strong parent and take back the power.

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