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Everyone knows that the public education system needs to change, it needs updated, it needs to be forced, kicking and screaming into the 21st century. But how do you, the teacher, the principal, start this process? The 18 Week Future Ready Challenge is the key. Just like your favorite diet or exercise program, this 18 week challenge sets small goals to bring your classroom or school into the 21st century.


Dr. L. Robert Furman The Future Ready Challenge

Teachable Moment – Inspirational Music for the Teacher in All of Us, on CD and MP3 through iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby

Dr. Rob and Kris Tranter Teachable Moment


Technology, Reading and Digital Literacy: Strategies to Motivate the Reluctant Reader, published by ISTE
Technology, Reading & Digital Literacy shows teachers how to connect traditional teaching strategies with engaging online tools and resources designed to inspire a love of literature in new and reluctant readers. Learn about exciting educational websites that help students find the perfect book, discuss their reading with the class, share a great story with peers around the globe and improve their writing abilities.

Dr. Rob Furman Technology, Reading & Digital Literacy Book Cover

Instructional Technology Tool: A Professional Development Plan
Answering the typical questions often posed by teachers and staff, Furman emphasizes the practical use of technology and introduces a breakthrough development called E-Pro Dev Days for offsite electronic professional development. He gives administrators the tools necessary to conduct fulfilling and meaningful professional development days, in-house or electronically, revolving around technology.

Dr. Rob Furman Instructional Technology Tools Book Cover

Schoolsery Rhymes by Rosalie Furman and Brenda Lindsay is now available on
This charming and educational book helps children develop strong reading skills while having fun.

Schoolsery Rhymes by Rosalie Furman and Brenda Lindsay


Leading Through Troubled Waters: A True Story About a Student’s Day in an Urban School Experience
Leading Through Troubled Waters gives insight into student life and how, as educators, we must change our entire thought process to effectively help students dealing with a difficult reality.