Coming Spring 2017! The Future Ready Challenge by Dr. Rob

Dr. Rob’s newest book, The Future Ready Challenge, published by ISTE will be out in just a few months.

“Future Ready” is an 18 week challenge that will help educators create a classroom/school that is based on skills for the future. Consider it a self-help book for those who need that jump start into 21st century teaching.

Here’s a sneak peak at the cover as well as some advance reviews….
Dr. L. Robert Furman The Future Ready Challenge

The Future Ready Challenge by Rob Furman has given us a sure plan to begin addressing twenty-first century skills into daily lessons. The strategies provided are easy to integrate into the content areas and the scaffolding that is suggested will begin to imbed these skills in the planning and delivery of instruction. Time to move away from the old delivery model of education to one that is preparing our young people to be successful and to be contributors in the technology driven society in which they will be members. – Len Ference

In his latest success, Dr. Furman accurately outlines the elements critical to 21st century learning. In this work, he provides an accessible way for any teacher to make the critical shift from teacher-centered, knowledge-based teaching to student-centered, skills-based learning. As always, Dr. Furman’s writing is engaging and entertaining as well as insightful and rooted deeply in a love of children and learning. Any educators who feel the call to “futurize” their practices will benefit from this one-step-at-a-time approach. – Keith Reeves