How is Greed Keeping Children from a Quality Education? #EduRevolution Podcast

Vouchers and Charter Schools are not the answer to improving education. They are just a means of putting the school funding into corporations hands. The quality of the education will not change. Do you honestly think they have some magic curriculum that will teach your child better or faster? If they do only the greedy would not share with public education so that every child could benefit… not just the ones that can afford it. Share your thoughts with us by posting on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook using the hashtag #DrRobAnswers!

Meet Dr. Rob, Keynote Speaker at PASCD 2016

The 2016 PASCD Conference will be held in King of Prussia on November 13 and 14, 2016 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. If you’re registered for the conference and would like to get together with Dr. Rob, email or message him directly through Twitter or Facebook. Dr. Rob will be opening and closing the conference with the theme of “Motivating the Reluctant Learner through Technology” and presenting hands-on action labs with the theme of “Back to the Future is not Mission Impossible for the Young and The Restless.” “Dr. L. Robert Furman ED.D. is the principal at South Park Elementary Center in South Park, Pennsylvania. He is the author of Instructional Technology Tools and Reading, Technology, and Digital Literacy. His research in the field of literacy was recently awarded the Best Research and Publication Award by PASCD. Rob is a blogger for the Huffington Post, and at Ed Tech Review. Rob was honored as a national “20 to watch” in educational technology by the National School Board Association.” Share your thoughts with us by posting on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook using the hashtag #DrRobAnswers!

Coming Spring 2017! The Future Ready Challenge by Dr. Rob

Dr. Rob’s newest book, The Future Ready Challenge, published by ISTE will be out in just a few months. “Future Ready” is an 18 week challenge that will help educators create a classroom/school that is based on skills for the future. Consider it a self-help book for those who need that jump start into 21st century teaching. Here’s a sneak peak at the cover as well as some advance reviews…. The Future Ready Challenge by Rob Furman has given us a sure plan to begin addressing twenty-first century skills into daily lessons. The strategies provided are easy to integrate into the content areas and the scaffolding that is suggested will begin to imbed these skills in the planning and delivery of instruction. Time to move away from the old delivery model of education to one that is preparing our young people to be successful and to be contributors in the technology driven society in which they will be members. – Len Ference In his latest success, Dr. Furman accurately outlines the elements critical to 21st century learning. In this work, he provides an accessible way for any teacher to make the critical shift from teacher-centered, knowledge-based teaching to student-centered, skills-based Read More …

Public Education Must Evolve or Become Extinct

I recently presented to a group in Virginia about the need for educators to look at relevance in their teachings and subjects. We can do away with handwriting and spelling. We can save time by eradicating the pointless subjects and archaic skills and replace them with skills we know our students will need in their future. There was one participant that got upset with me. She was upset by my comparison of no longer needing a horse and buggy or needing the skill of reading and writing in hieroglyphics to the need to still use handwriting or learning to spell. There are just some things of which we can let go. At first I felt badly about this participant being upset. But then I realized that more people should get upset, but not at the reality that things need to change. Get upset with the people who are unwilling to adapt and change for the betterment of their students. I had a teacher the other day tell me that he still lectures and has traditional homework assignments “because that’s the way I teach”. Never once did he say anything about the way his students learn. Never entered his mind! Education Read More …