The Parent Academy hosted by Rob Furman and Kevin Monaghan is a series dedicated to helping parents with their children. As two principals Kevin and Rob have a unique perspective on the parent/child relationship. They hope to offer suggestions on a variety of topics from how to help your child with their homework to cyber bulling and how to deal with it at home. Feel free to contact either host if you want suggestions, help or just want to offer an idea for a topic.

The Parent Academy: What if My Child is the Bully?

The Seditionists are two radical educators who see the need for an educational revolution.

Keith Reeves and Rob Furman have dedicated The Seditionists YouTube vlog to starting that revolution. Our educational system was created during the industrial revolution by the committee of ten. They used the factory, the church and the penal system as their models for creating what we know today as the public education system. The 21st century is no longer a model for the industrial revolution and it is high time that education has a revolution of its own.

The Seditionists: Could Video Games be the Future of Education?