Rob Furman has his finger on the pulse of education’s future path. I’m inspired to explore new ideas for teaching every time I listen to him speak. – Beth O’Connell, Conference Participant

Dr. Rob has an array of presentation topics meant to teach, guide, inspire and excite education professionals, students and parents. The following lists some of his most requested topics. Attendees receive a password for website access to the resources included in each presentation. For more information, or to discuss different subjects for your event, webinar or teleconference, email Jenni, Executive Coordinator for Dr. Rob at

Education in the 21st Century

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Education is the wild west of the 21st century and I could not choose a more exciting time to be in education. When you can communicate with students and teachers around the world from your classroom, and then collaborate on a project… this is an exciting time to be a teacher and a student! Who wouldn’t want to read a book on the American Revolution then discuss it with a classroom in England? This presentation will discuss various ways to look at change and the necessary skills needed in the 21st century. Link to Password Protected Attendee Resource Page

Don’t Worry, Be Appy
Web sites and tablet apps have taken over the world! Education is continually being pounded with new apps and sites that will change the face of education forever (I’m being sarcastic). It’s not enough to just randomly choose an app and claim that you are using technology. There has to be a method and a purpose behind your decisions. This presentation will discuss various ways to look at choosing the right app in the 21st century and ways to incorporate those apps into your lessons for a meaningful 21st century student experience.  This presentation will share over 25 great apps for collaboration, communication, project creation and more. Link to Password Protected Attendee Resources Page

Technology, Reading and Digital Literacy; based on Dr. Rob’s book, Reading, Technology, and Digital Literacy: Strategies to Motivate the Reluctant Reader available on Amazon,
is a high-energy, interactive presentation. This presentation will share ideas on how to motivate the reluctant reader through apps, websites/programs that create a supportive environment and instill that important passion for reading. Participants will be actively involved in all parts of the presentation through the use of technology. Using cell phones, iPhones, etc., the participants will have the opportunity to vote on favorite literature, and various ideas. Link to Password Protected Attendee Resource Page

Relevance in the Revolutionized School: What Really Matters?
With a windstorm of constant changes in education, is it possible that we forgot some of the basics of education? Is it conceivable that through the fog of technology and the fires of high stakes testing that we simply forgot some of those ever important basic concepts that veteran educators used to take for granted? Educators are always explaining to their students the importance of reflection. It may be time that we reflect on ourselves.

Is it time to have a real conversation about how to implement the skills our children will need to survive in the 21st century workforce? Is it time to decide on real change for education? Dr. Rob and Keith Reeves tackle these hard questions on their The Seditionists YouTube channel. This session will be a LIVE version of their show. Is it time to drop spelling, cursive handwriting, or Social Studies? Or should we add classes in creativity, problem solving or technical writing? Let’s discuss these in our panel session where you get to debate Keith and Rob, and the panel on [(R)evolution]. (This session may be recorded for bonus episodes on the Seditionists channel)