Dr. Rob’s Current Projects

The Future Ready Challenge is Now Available!

Dr. Rob’s book, The Future Ready Challenge: Improve Student Outcomes in 18 Weeks is an accessible guide designed to help teachers improve student outcomes based on digital age skills and future-minded progress, all in a single semester.

 The book includes:
  • Weekly step-by-step challenges designed to fill one semester.
  • Case studies by leaders in the field and examples of how to implement the challenges for each grade level.
  • Coverage of key topics such as digital citizenship, communication, problem-solving and integration of technology into learning.

Purchase The Future Ready Challenge today by using this link.

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The next step toward the future of education – introducing Dr. Rob’s #EduRevolution podcasts! Get involved by using the hashtag #EduRevolution to suggest topics and interview subjects; ask questions and join in the discussion. Subscribe on iTunes or check out the new podcasts right on Dr. Rob’s blog.

Rob Furman is an administrator that is fully committed to the professional growth of his faculty and of himself. He sees teaching and learning as an evolving process that requires teachers and administrators to be on their ‘A games’ at all times. I never hesitate to call on him when I’m looking for ways to improve my practice.  – Brittney Hambelton, Teacher