Why Do the Decision Makers Ignore Science?

So here is my problem. There are so many instances that the “Decision Makers” simply choose to ignore science and scientific discovery.  For example, in education, I could fill a room with the amount of research that has been done on the positive effects of music on the brain. There is proven scientific fact that playing a musical instrument can broaden your mind and advance your knowledge.. in effect it will make you smarter. But yet, you see schools cutting music programs all the time without any of the decision makers saying ” whoa, maybe we should consider the fact that music enhances the brain, makes us smarter. Let’s find a different way to save money rather than hurting our children’s future”. That doesn’t happen too often.

Another example in the education world is high stakes testing. Science and dedicated research has proven that high stakes testing is damaging, ineffective, and down right un-educational! But yet, we continue to do so, many times because our states mandate the testing. Most educators realize the negative effects of high stakes testing, the businessmen do not nor seem to care.

Now think about this. We are not the best educational system in the world. Far from it. So would it not be smart to look to those who are on top of the educational world. Let’s take China and New Zealand. Both push the arts highly and both ignore high stakes testing. Huh, something right?

Of course, education is not the only group that loves to ignore science. Take climate change. Now I am not an environmentalist and I despise politics but some of this just too dumb to ignore. I love when politicians simply look at scientific fact and say.. “umm, no”. What!?! You can not simply ignore science because you feel like it.. or because you will make more money if you simply ignore it. Greed plays a role in this.. we all know that.

In a world who’s future is questionable, at best, shouldn’t we demand our leaders to use the facts and science to make decisions. Shouldn’t we force our leaders to actually explain and defend their decisions using facts and data. I have heard that the intelligence of the American people, as a whole, has recently been questioned by many other countries. Isn’t it time that we stand up and force all of our decision makers to prove their point, share progress and stop things when they are proven to not work.

Common sense could really play a big part in the future of education and our country.

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